Epitome PMS

In a competitive marketplace, you need to maximize your occupancy—and to do that, you need to deliver the best possible customer experience. You can boost the profitability of your enterprise and give your customers an experience they'll long remember with Infor-SoftBrands Property Management Systems (PMS).

Our solution adapts to your needs-whether you're a small, two-star single property or a multi-property luxury brand. You'll be able to seamlessly and efficiently manage inventory, reservations, guest data, and in-house services with PMS. Plus, when you integrate your front office with sales and marketing functions, you gain a centralized, single view of your guests and business performance.

Better manage inventory


You can better manage inventory and hotel rates to maximize occupancy and achieve higher profitability, thanks to tiered/dynamic pricing function within our property management solutions. You can cost-effectively increase bookings on your property's web site and connect with third-party distribution channels (GDS/IDS)—reducing human error and helping you achieve the highest possible room rates—because PMS automatically distributes inventory. Plus, you can effectively share information across your enterprise, easily integrating PMS with our central reservations systems, or any third party solutions, to determine availability at any of your sites.

In addition, you can create a centralized profile for each guest in order to efficiently:
     • Track preferences.
     • Simplify reservations.
     • Book itineraries.
     • Deliver personalized guest service that is consistent across your enterprise.


You'll also be able to:
     • Maximize yield, cross-sell, and up-sell within your property portfolio.
     • Access inventory and availability for all properties within your brand and make instant reservations
       for sister properties from one single database.
     • Gather and consolidate information about the performance of your properties.
     • Create customized reports for your business.
     • Evaluate the effectiveness of your rate management strategies.
     • Conduct thorough financial analyses, so you can forecast more accurately and make better decisions.

Easy to use, easy to upgrade


Your hotel staff will be able to check in guests with a single keystroke—either through PMS's menu-driven functions or room chart screens-helping you save on training time and costs.

You'll be able to leverage industry-standard tools, such as Microsoft SQL Server, since our PMS's have been developed using the latest technology tools and Internet frameworks. And because PMS gives you the capability of deploying it on premise, within a hosted environment, or fully SaaS-enabled, you'll be able to quickly implement new solutions and services across your hotel network. You'll also be able to quickly integrate to CRS, GDS, RMS, and third party applications, to work with, and complement, your PMS system, using standard OTA/HTNG XML interfaces. Our constant innovation empowers you to react and adapt faster to changing market conditions and opportunities.



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