Metro.Brita, the highly successful Hotel Finance Management System, is the essence product of more than 10 year’ experience in the management of hotel and restaurant back office systems.Its quick and easy implementation process ensures fast Returns on Investments (ROI).Fully integrated, Metro.Bista provides the every need for the operation and management of a hotel back office environment. The days of redundant systems and data are over.


  • Full real-time ledger integration
  • Graphical & Analytical reports
  • Language-switchable reports
  • Industry-standard reports
  • Comprehensive Consolidation
  • PR & Market list & PO workflow management
  • Incorporate statistical information
  • Best accounting practice design
  • Multi-currency supported on Financial Statement and can be imported from Excel worksheet
  • Multiple Fiscal Years are simultaneously supported
  • User Activity Log
  • Unlimited Transaction History
  • Multitasking Screen
  • Document Relationship Map and Drill Down capable
  • Records can be searched from any character and any position
  • Online business flow alert both by login and email
  • Fixed Assets with picture and barcode.

Metro.Brita Overview


  • Fully customizable Balance Sheet Statement
  • Reports by Organization Chart
  • Comprehensive Consolidation
  • etc.


  • Trade control
  • Vendor invoicesare integrated from Purchasing and Receiving modules and able to send to GL directly
  • Payment proposals can be drilled down to the beginning of source
  • Aging report can be set in various periods
  • etc.


  • Able to handle all Tax Systems
  • Check reconciliation
  • Multi-bank systems
  • Partial payment features
  • etc.


  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Optimum order management
  • Economic order quantity
  • Purchase expenditure control
  • etc.


  • Simple setup procedure
  • Multi- property/ company
  • Budget & forecast can be imported from Excel
  • Yearly to monthly allocation
  • Recurring Journal entries.
  • An unlimited number of previous and future years may be kept online; both period total information and transaction details
  • Complete audit trails
  • etc


  • Lowest purchase price tracing
  • Entering and managing customer information
  • Invoice and Deposit management
  • Creating receipts
  • Tracking AR collections activities
  • Tranferring transactions to The general Ledger
  • Report Standard withing AR


  • Receipts directed to specific locations
  • Inventory movement tracking
  • Hotel-standard warehouse names
  • Hotel-specific unit-of measure maintenance
  • Slow moving and reordering items management
  • Product masters, Unit of measure , Warehourses
  • Balance Forward can be imported from Excel file
  • Goods received with or without PO and can be received in various warehouses
  • etc


  • International Finance Reporting Standard (IFRS) supported
  • Standard depreciation methods
  • Comprehensive Assets Register
  • Instant asset valuation report
  • Repair and maintenance history logging
  • Component and Distribution handling
  • Automatically generate assets running numbers
  • Sales, write-off and transfer handling