Deep learning AI and industry expertise

Infor EzRMS is powerful revenue management software for all property types and sizes – boutique to brand, 50 rooms to thousands- with capabilities to manage all hotel business, from walk-in to long stay. The system automatically calculates demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, and recommend the appropriate selling strategies, such as open/close rates, stay controls, open/close room categories, and overbooking levels. Deep learning AI algorithms recognize patterns dynamically to insure the most optimal and accurate business forecasts and pricing recommendations—maximizing your yield and profit.

Revenue and yield management for hotels

  • Maximize revenue through optimal pricing and restrictions
  • Forecast demand in relevant dimensions, including room type or category
  • Drill down into complete transaction data from the source
  • Automate rolling forecasts for use across the organization

Features & Benefits

Demand modeling and forecasting

Take advantage of forecast models that consider historical demand, seasonality, day of the week, repetitive and unique events, strategies, market segments, length of stay, guests per room, booking and cancellation patterns, no-shows, walk-ins, and additional factors that impact revenues.

Revenue optimization

Optimal pricing and restrictions take into account factors including length of stay and guests per room, materialization and cancellation of current bookings, and estimated room revenue, and apply acceptance strategies such as last room availability, and minimum/maximum limit constraints.

Controls and recommendations

Infor EzRMS betters decision-making across your organization. EzRMS controls are designed specifically to meet the requirements of property management systems, central reservation systems, and global distribution systems, as well as OTA channels through which property inventory is distributed.